New Melody everyday of the Year

New Melody everyday of the Year

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (031).
Bluesette - T. Thielemans. N. Ovchinnikov and V. Ushakov
One of the great techniques of playing together several musicians is jam session, where musicians can showcase their ability to improvise, their skills in ensemble playing or in accompaniment. Spontaneous playing music is always a lot of fun to the musicians themselves. We present you young and already very famous musician, winner of international competitions Nikolay Ovchinnikov, accordionist from St Petersburg, who choosed jazz and jazz improvisation as one of the main directions of his musical activity. Accordion duet Nikolay Ovchinnikov and Vladimir Ushakov performs "Bluesette" the most famous piece of Toots Thielemans, the great master of Jazz harmonica:

Monday, 30 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (030).
Otoño Porteño - A. Piazzolla. "Milonga" Instrumental Trio
Large part of the repertoire of the instrumental trio "Milonga" consists of works by Astor Piazzolla, the Argentinian composer and musician, innovator in tango music. Participants of the ensemble (Svetlana Stavitskaya, Elena Skurjate and Aliona Vindedze) explains their interest in the music of Piazzolla by huge variety of colors and emotional tension inherent to his works. Several compositions of A. Piazzolla the contepmorary musicians unite in a kind of a cycle "Seasons in Buenos Aires". The instrumental trio "Milonga" performs composition "Autumn in Buenos Aires" (Otoño Porteño):

Sunday, 29 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (029).
Waltz (Tofiq Quliyev), Vladimir Ushakov and Shafayat Gadzhiev
Let's talk today about true love to musical instruments. How nice to play in an ensemble with professional musicians who studied to play an instrument for many years. But there are those musicians who learned to play the instrument themselves. To perform with them is a very special pleasure! We would like to present you our long-standing great friend Shafayat Gadzhiev, a man who carries his love for the accordion since his childhood. Despite the fact that his daily life is quite far from music, Shafayat uses every spare moment to play on his favorite instrument. And the results are – Shafayat performs in concerts, at various international festivals in Russia and abroad. The Waltz from the movie "The Rendezvous" (1955) by composer Tofig Guliyev performed by the Accordion Duet Vladimir Ushakov and Shafayat Gadzhiev.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (028).
Aria - V. Bibergan. "Excelsior" Baltic International Accordion Quintet
These days we remember the most difficult ordeals for people in the World War II. 27 January 1944 Leningrad was completely liberated from the Nazi blockade. The people of Leningrad revere this day. Also 27 January is the International Day of memory of victims of concentration camps and victims of the Holocaust.
Contemporary Russian composer from St.-Petersburg Vadim Bibergan wrote an "Aria" to the memory of prisoners and victims of Nazi concentration camps.
Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior" is performing "Aria" by V. Bibergan, piano part – Tatiana Grigorieva.

Friday, 27 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (027).
Dreams of Paris (A. Sigle). Trio "Accodemia"
Today we will continue the theme of the movies. Music in movie is important. Songs from movies leave a mark in our memory for life, and we can't imagine such a film without a proper melody.
In our repertoire a lot of music from movies. In 2008 director Sergei Ovcharov made a movie "The Garden / The Cherry Orchard", a new version of "The Cherry Orchard" by A. P. Chekhov. The music for the film was written by composer Andrey Sigle. One of the compositions from the film – waltz "Dreams of Paris". That's how this tune sounds in arrangement for trio "Accodemia":

Thursday, 26 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (026).
Potpourri on themes from music to popular Russian movies. "Musette Squared"
We all love old movies. They have so much charisma and charm of a bygone era. Old Comedies, learned to error-free citations of all replicas of the main characters... And how much beautiful music in these films! Our joint project "Musette Squared" that we have developed in recent years together with a wonderful group from Omsk, chamber ensemble "Musette", several times took part in the work of film festivals. In 2016 within the framework of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Omsk, "Musette Squared" took part in the X festival "Kinosozvezdie of Russia" (2014 musicians performed at the VIII festival). The audience particularly liked "Potpourri on themes from music to popular Russian movies". A few days later we played this composition in Latvia and Lithuania, where the audience responded with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (025).
Maya - I. Clarke. "Milonga" Instrumental Trio (Daugavpils, Latvia, 2013)
The instrumental trio "Milonga" – a female musical group with a long and glorious history. The ensemble was founded in 1997 year, performed with concerts, toured a lot, won in international competitions. In 1999 the audio album "Baroque and Blue" was recorded and released on CDs, and a few years later in St. Petersburg were published four volumes of sheets music of compositions from the repertoire of the Trio. In the trio staff: Svetlana Stavitskaya (accordion), Elena Skurjate (violin) and Aliona Windedze (piano). In the repertoir policy the group prefers to search for new sound combinations of instruments, own versions and unusual peculiar transcriptions of works written for other instruments and ensembles, musicians often turn to the music of modern authors. Ian Clarke is a contemporary British composer, performer on the flute, a musician and innovator. Here is how the participants of the trio "Milonga" hear "magic and illusion" of Ian Clarke's composition "Maya" ("Maya"):

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (024).
Yacht Vera (S. Bolotnikov). Bolo-band
In 2002, accordionist Vladimir Ushakov has been invited to take part in the concert "The Best guitarists of Russia", which took place in the Big Concert Hall "Oktiabrsky" in Saint-Petersburg. In that time it has developed a friendly creative relationship of Vladimir and Sergei Bolotnikov, one of the leading Russian rock guitarists, were presented in the concert. Sergei is a gifted multi-faceted creative person – Musician, Poet, Composer. He writes music and songs, composes for movies, performs with his group "Bolo-band" with concerts of the rock music, is releasing the audio albums. Sometimes they meet in the Studio or on stage, and then Music is born... Music video for the song "Yacht Vera" ("Boat of Faith") was filmed in 2012. The Director of the video – Boris Kononov.

Monday, 23 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (023).
Panique Au Théâtre (A. Piazzolla). Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble
Since 1999, Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble gives a series of concerts "Meetings of the friends on the Neva riversides". Over the years, the city of St. Petersburg has been visited by many musicians from the cities of Russia and foreign countries. A distinctive feature of these concerts is the fact that the St. Petersburg musicians present guests, performing with them in the program. In 2014 as part of the cycle was held concert "Musette Squared – the formula of success". Along with the representation of the new project "Musette Squared" which is realized with the Omsk chamber ensemble "Musette", St. Petersburg ensemble presented its own program also. Composition by Astor Piazzolla "Panique Au Théâtre" was written for the movie "Armaguedon" (1977). The composition is performed with participation of great musicians from St. Petersburg Igor Sinitsyn (saxophone) and Lina Kolesnik (violin).

Sunday, 22 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (022).
Merry rag (R. Bazhilin). "Accodemia" Trio
With significant meeting St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble (Russia) and the Daugavpils Accordion Orchestra (Latvia) at the festival in Fredericia (Denmark) in 1995 began a groups' creative friendship which continues today. In 2003, a trio of soloists of St. Petersburg Musette ensemble, named the Trio "Accodemia" (consisting of: Svetlana Stavitskaya, Sergei Likhachov and Vladimir Ushakov) performed in Daugavpils accompanied by accordion orchestra under direction of Valery Hodukin. The musicians presented their version of the ragtime "Merry rag" written by popular Russian composer Roman Bazhilin.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (021).
"Boulevard" Waltz-Intermezzo (W. Winkler), V. Ushakov and S. Likhachov
Duet of accordionists Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Likhachov was formed in 1984 (!) year. Later the Duo became a duet of soloists of St. Petersburg Musette ensemble, in parallel, the musicians took part in other joint projects – the Baltic international accordion quintet "Excelsior" and the trio "Accodemia". Waltz-Intermezzo "Boulevard" was written by German composer W. Winkler, arrangement for accordion Duo have made V. I. Kirillov. The Waltz was one of the first works in the repertoire of the Duo and eventually became the most popular piece of the Duo.

Friday, 20 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (020).
La belle dame sans regret (Sting / D. Miller). Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble
As we have said, in our work we often perform with soloists-instrumentalists and vocalists. We offer to your attention a cover of Sting's "La belle dame sans regret" performed by the St. Petersburg singer Merjem Belozerskaya accompanied by our project "Saint-Petersburg Musette ensemble" from the concert "Reine de Musette", which was held at the St. Petersburg Variety Theatre in 2002.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (019).
Nino Rota Fantasia - V. Ivanov. "Excelsior" Baltic International Accordion Quintet
Italy is the largest producer of accordions. Instruments for our group were made by the famous Italian company "Excelsior", the title of which we have used to name our ensemble. In 2002 and 2003, the Quintet "Excelsior" has undertaken tours to Italy with numerous performances, including at international competitions in the towns of Castelfidardo and Lanciano, where Quintet won numerous prizes. When you are in Italy, it seems that in reality sometimes you meet characters from films of Federico Fellini. And when you remember the films of Fellini, it begins to sound the music of composer Nino Rota from those movies. "Fantasy" on themes of Nino Rota music to films by Federico Fellini composed by our colleague Vladislav Ivanov. In 2006, Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior" performed in Moscow with a solo concert in the Concert Hall of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, performing also "Fantasia".

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (018).
Lightful Night (J. Prigozhy/L.G.). M. Buzhor and V. Ushakov, 2012
More than 10 years of friendship and creative relations unite Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov with popular singer, participant of various TV projects ("Voice", "Two Stars", "New Year's concert programs" etc.), international competitions prize Winner bass-baritone Metodie Bujor (Buzhor). Periodically artists performing together, the musicians accompany a singer sometimes by a full staff of the St. Petersburg Musette ensemble and sometimes by duet or even solo. Recently was discovered a rare video from a solo concert of the singer in Big Concert Hall "Oktiabrski" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) in 2012. Old Russian romance "Lightful Night" in the modern view.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (017).
Cascade de Paris (Ye. Doga), S. Stavitskaya and V. Ushakov, "Metelitsa" Orchestra
Only a few days ago there were photos from the concert on December 30, 2016 in St. Petersburg. Now there are video. The concert was called "New Year's Double FRESH". Accompanied by the State orchestra of Russian folk instruments "Metelitsa" under the direction of Igor Tonin on the stage of the Saint Petersburg state Capella performed a variety of duets. Among the invited artists were Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov. The piece "Cascade de Paris" written by composer Yevgeny Doga for the film "Anna Pavlova", concert arrangement made by Constantin Dyubenko.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (016).
Bach goes to town - A. Templeton. "Excelsior", Baltic International Accordion Quintet
Baltic international accordion quintet "Excelsior" was formed in 2000. It consisted of participants of the Lithuanian accordion duet Eduardas Gabnys and Gennady Savkov, and soloists of Saint-Petersburg Musette ensemble Vladimir Ushakov, Svetlana Stavitskaya and Sergei Likhachov. One of the first performances of the Quintet in St. Petersburg took place in 2001. The piece "Bach goes to town" written by composer Alec Templeton, at one time was very popular thanks to the artistry of the famous jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (015).
The Sound of music (R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein II). Denmark 1995
In 1995, Vladimir Ushakov was invited to take part in the production of the musical "The Sound of music" by R. Rodgers and O. Hammerstein, which was realized in Denmark. The concerts took place in the Queen Margaret Hall (The Dronning Margrethe Hallen) in Fredericia. Then Vladimir had brought a group of young musicians to participate in orchestra part, today they are the leading authoritative musicians of world-famous orchestras and ensembles.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (014).
Sevilla en Fête (M. Boudet/M. Larcange). S. Stavitskaya and V. Ushakov
From the Tango yesterday to the Paso Doble today! At the final concert of the XII international festival "Harmonica – the soul of Russia" (Moscow, 2014), our duet has performed several dance melodies, one of them was the Paso Doble "Sevilla en Fête" by M. Boudet and M. Larcange. We thank the Museum of Harmonica n.a. Alfred Mirek and its Director Natalia Voronenko-Mirek for organising this wonderful festival for many years!
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (013).
Jealousie (J. Gade). Vladimir Ushakov and Svetlana Stavitskaya
Here is another example of our cooperation with orchestras.
Saint-Petersburg variety-symphonic orchestra under the direction of Andrey Medvedev invited us to perform with them in a Big Concert Hall "Oktiabrsky" (St. Petersburg). The world famous tango "Jealousy", written by the composer from Denmark Jacob Gade in 1925, is loved in Russia in our days as well.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (012).
Musettina (E. Lindstrom). Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov
In Moscow is placed Museum of harmonica n.a. by Alfred Mirek. The Museum is the main organizer of a large annual international festival "Harmonica - the soul of Russia". The festival concerts are held at many prestigious venues of the city, as well as in the Museum. In 2006 our duet Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov took part in the IV Festival "Harmonica - the soul of Russia". Waltz "Musettina", which sounds in the video was written by composer Erik Lindström. The tune we first heard in Finland many years ago.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (011).
Country-Style Intermezzo (Ye. Derbenko). "Milonga" Instrumental Trio (Limbazhi, Latvia)
Today you will meet another of our musical project. The instrumental trio "Milonga", the founder and artistic Director is Svetlana Stavitskaya. The trio was formed in 1997 in the city of Daugavpils (Latvia), has a female staff: Elena Skurjate (violin), Aliona Vindedze (piano) and Svetlana Stavitskaya (accordion). The ensemble is laureate of international competitions and participant of many festivals, continues to perform concerts in Latvia, Russia and Scandinavia. The song "Country-Style Intermezzo" written by Russian composer Yevgeny Derbenko, is always popular with the public.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (010).
Ballet Tango (A. Piazzolla). "Excelsior" Baltic International Accordion Quintet
Our project Baltic international accordion quintet "Excelsior" started its activity in 2000. The Group consisted of representatives of three countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. For many years the Quintet actively toured in Europe and Russia, became the winner of international competitions, participant of many festivals, recorded and released three CD albums and two DVDs. Video of the rarely performed work by Astor Piazzolla "Ballet Tango" performed by the Quintet is a leader in views at the video channel of Quintet on YouTube for last several years.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (009).
O, Mari (E. di Capua). Valentin Osipov and "Accodemia" Trio
Today we present another of our creative project – Trio "Accodemia": Vladimir Ushakov, Svetlana Stavitskaya and Sergei Likhachov. Accompanied by trio performs an outstanding artist, our luminary of the St. Petersburg scene, a veteran of the Leningrad variety stage, the musician performer on the English concertina and xylophone Valentin Osipov. Many of our friends from UK and Denmark could remember fantastic performances of this group and especially Valentin Osipov.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (008).
Two (R Bazhilin). Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov
In our work we have a lot of creative contacts with many interesting soloists, ensembles and orchestras. Since 1995 our musical activity connected to Daugavpils Accordion Orchestra, conductor Valery Hodukin. There were so many different ideas that are realized in our cooperation. The composition "Two" written by our friend and colleague Roman Bazhilin, composer from Tambov (Russia). It is a dialogue between a man and a woman through the language of music.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (007).
Ave Maria (A. Piazzolla). S. Stavitskaya and V. Ushakov
Today we send our congratulations and warmest wishes to all our friends, orthodox christians, who are celebrating the Orthodox Christmas! Composition "Ave Maria" by A. Piazzolla our duet has performed in May of 2016 in the church of town Vester Hæsinge (Denmark), during the International Multicultural Festival. Sometimes we use in our concerts some other musical instruments (not only accordions), particularly – piano.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (006).
Accordeon Bohemien (M. Vittenet). Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble
Our another important musical project is Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble. We are playing music together almost 30 years. In 2014 ensemble held the solo concert in the program of international festival "Musical August in Daugavpils" (Latvia). One of our favorite tunes from "musette" style – "Accordeon Bohemien" by Maurice Vittenet.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (005).
Rolling Blue Balloon (trad., arr. by Yu. Shakhnov and V. Ushakov)
Another example of our duet performance with accompaniment. One of the best accordion orchestras from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) invited us to perform musical transcription of old Russian song together. Our Scandinavian friends can recognise this melody, known as old Scandinavian song...
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (004).
Zanzara/Mosquito (M. Likhachov). Vladimir Ushakov, Svetlana Stavitskaya, String Quintet
Our accordion duet quite often is performing with accompaniment of various groups, ensembles and orchestras. Here is a video of musical piece written by Mikhail Likhachov, composer from St. Petersburg (Russia). We performed it at the XIII International Accordion Festival "Limbazi 2015", (Latvia) with accompaniment of string quintet.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (003).
Paraphrase on theme from opera by G. Verdi "La Traviata (B. Veksler)
This composition from our repertoire became a very popular in 2016. We are happy that people like it – beautiful melody from the Opera "La Traviata" by G. Verdi in variety arrangement for two accordions made by our friend and colleague Boris Veksler (USA). Our accordion duet Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov is one of our main musical projects. We thankful to our friend Ninna Aasen (Denmark) for publishing this video on her YouTube channel.
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (002).
Friendly Musette, (K. Fontaine). "Musette Squared"
Our new project "Musette Squared" realised in cooperation of Chamber Ensemble "Musette" (Omsk, Russia) and our accordion duet Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakov, soloists of Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble. During several days in August 2016 we performed in Daugavpils (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania).
"New Melody Everyday of the Year" (001).
Concerto for Organ, Strings, and Timpani – F. Poulenc. "Excelsior" Quintet
One of the great achievements of our musical project Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior", perfrormance at X Vilnius international accordion festival (Lithuania) with Vilnius St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, conductor – Stefan Fraas (Germany), 2004.